Welcome back to Rewind, where we take a deep dive into the past looking at top hits and their music videos. This week we are having a look at Alexander O'Neal's 'If You Were Here Tonight'. The track was originally released in 1985 and within a year was in the UK charts at number 13. To this day it remains one of the most played tracks on UK radio. Written by Monte Mior, a highly credited writer who worked with Prince, Gladys Knight and Janet Jackson in the 1980s. 

For such a hit, the video is pretty low key. It features O'Neal giving an emotive performance in an apartment. He is waiting for his partner who never shows, so O'neal is left there as the hours pass. The video is great, from O'neal throwing a love note on the floor to casually singing in front of a night time city backdrop. Having listened to the song for so long it was such a fun time watching the official video. It seems like the video has been unearthed and released on youtube by O'neals official channel and is currently sat with over three million views! 

So there it is, the perfect breakup song, lonely afternoon song or karaoke song. We LOVE this track and play it all the time in store and unlike most songs from the 80s this track's lyrics don't rhyme! Which we think makes it noteworthy. Check out the video and enjoy :)