Hands up if Travis was your fave and you shipped him and Ty from the beginning? Yep, us too. We take a closer look at his casual grunge-chic style and pair it with things from our closet! First off, you need a GREAT graphic tee. I mean, this was the '90s and so graphic tees were everything. We recommend London based HERESY for all your picture tee needs. The Love S/S Tee is particularly fitting for this kind of vibe. Next, you need a great check button up. The Dickies New Sacramento Flannel is perfect for this and also for the cold winter ahead! Lastly, a staple pair of denim to serve you all year round! The Levi's 501 in Salsa Stonewash are perrrrrrfect to pair with anything and everything you got in your wardrobe! And voila! You are Travis. Oh, we should mention he often wore low profile skate shoes throughout the film and so our personal fave sneak to pair with this outfit would be the Puma Suede Crepe in Peyote! You can 'shop Travis' online and in store!