Even though Halloween is officially over, we thought for fun we would watch another horror - for those that haven’t thrown out their pumpkins yet. 1998 was a good year for many reasons. One which was the roll out of teen horror movies released. There was no better passtime than getting a group of your mates together and going to the cinema to catch a scary flick, or renting one from the video store. We relive the feels of those days this weekend with Disturbing Behavior.

It doesn't matter if you're not perfect. You will be.


The Clark family decide to move from Chicago to the small and quiant town of Cradle Bay after the suicide death of their eldest son Allen Clark (Ethan Embry). Cradle Bay Younger brother Steve Clark (James Marsden) enrolls in the local high school and is immediately befriended by three of the school's 'outcast students' - Gavin (Nick Stahl), Rachel (Katie Holmes) and U.V (Chad Donella). Gavin introduces Steve to the different groups, particularly highlighting the weirdness of the Blue Ribbon group. Gavin has a theory about the group being experimented on by the school psychiatrist Dr. Caldicott (Bruce Greenwood) via his 'special program'. Steve remains skeptical but after learning his parents have signed him up for Dr. Caldicott;s program and witnessing weird occurrences within the student body, he and Rachel decide to investigate what is truly going on.

The Faculty, Urban Legends and Disturbing Behavior were three teen horror flicks released in 1998, all to a welcoming audience of eager teens. Disturbing Behaviour stars Dawson's Creek alum Katie Holmes, who was well known to all as the quiet yet fiery Joey Potter.

Disturbing Behavior can be rented on Amazon Prime for £3.49 (Price and availability correct at time of post!)