A shoe recognised by most, the Vans Old Skool has spent all its days as a winner. The Van Doren Rubber Company began making waves in ‘66 when they introduced their simple, low profile plimsolls. As the years went by, Vans could see their product was rising in popularity within the skate community and so the company’s head, Paul Van Doren, set out to make Vans’ first skate specific shoe. Debuting in 1977, the Old Skool was originally dubbed the ‘Style 36’ and was the first Vans sneaker to feature the now iconic side stripe. That iconic side stripe started out as a doodle by Paul who named it the ‘Jazz Stripe’.

What was great about the Old Skool was the combo of canvas and leather, making it a sturdier sneaker for those grinding the pavement. Yet over the decades, this classic silhouette slipped onto the feet of music legends and fashion icons. Now, the Old Skool is worn and enjoyed by all with many calling it their staple choice. For those seeking a sneaker for everyday, then look no further :-) Shop the Old Skool Now!