Welcome back to rewind! where we take a look at some of our fave music videos to kill some time to.

We all had our favourite. We all wanted to be one of them. And we definitely all wanted to be in a girl posse like theirs. The Spice Girls were beyond stardom in 1997 - a band of five women singing catchy pop delights and just being themselves. It was the perfect recipe for insane success. We had a hard task of picking a favourite among so many excellent videos. The one we settled is the single, Too Much, from their second album, Spice World.

A pop song with an R&B/doo-wop line, Too Much hit the UK charts in December, 1997 and stayed for two weeks over Christmas. Internationally, the song fared well, making it into the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the USA and being the final track to do so for the group. The song was created during the hectic filming of the movie Spice World. Members note their exhaustion from the time having to film long days and then head to the mobile studio soon after to work on their album. It was Geri Halliwell who penned the first words and a bit of the melody for the song whilst sitting in the back of a car.

The music video showcases each of the women playing out their film role fantasies. Scary Spice’s scene was inspired by Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Sporty Spice’s scene from Year Of The Dragon, Baby Spice from the Poltergeist, Posh Spice from Batman Returns and Ginger Spice from Gilda. None of the women appear in the same scene, giving each their own room to shine. For fans, it was fun to see your favourite Spice playing out their ideal role - as if you were getting to know something else cool about them! Directed by Howard Greenhalgh, the video was shot on the 10th of November, 1997 and received favourable attention and playback!

We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. Be sure to tell us who your fave spice was on IG!