Carhartt WIP shines the light on Beat Presser’s The Village Cry magazine. The first issue formed in 1976 and was originally titled “Palm Beach News”. Created by Swiss photographer, Beat Presser, the magazine was an amazing creation of the time quickly becoming a unique communication between reader and artist.

After the first issue, Beat and his partner, Rolf Paltzer decided to incorporate a broader range of content , including interviews with actors, images of architecture of the time and opinion pieces. With the second issue under a new name titled, “The Village Cry”, the publication was celebrated in the art community and developed to encourage young creatives to express themselves through photography and visual art.

With a total of 7 issues, the publication was renowned for spotlighting some of the most iconic photographers of the time, but sadly started to decline financially and ended in 1978.

40 years since the publication came to an end, Carhartt WIP revisits the pivotal publication with an exclusive collection of t-shirts and sweaters featuring eye-catching covers of the magazine.

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