As the summer winds down into a beautifully serene and breezy chapter, we're feeling the soothing sounds of pam pam's "vibes" playlist. If you're travelling back from the perfect weekend break, or winding down after a long day, these sounds are sure to get your feeling super relaxed and reminiscent.

Our favourites start off with sweet vibes from Nightmares on Wax with "Damn", sampling American Trumpeter, Al Hert. "Damn" is almost 8 whole minutes of 'trip-hop'. Starting with hip-hop beats and eventually resulting in an R'n'B groove with gospel choir vocals chiming in. This rhythmic sound is best suited on a chilled day, lazing around the garden. Delve in deeper and you'll find tracks from British, trip-hop band, Sneaker Pimps. One of our favourites titled, 6 Underground, spins with a light hip-hop flow mixed with rock undertones which often reminds us of the best times spent with friends during the late summer.

Nicolas Godin and Jean Benoit Dunckel make up the infamous French space-pop duo that is Air. "Moon Safari" was their debut album, and one of the songs on the tracklist titled, Do It Again, is pure easy listening vibes, suitable for an intimate dinner party or low-key soiree. We really enjoy playing this one in our office, great to get you through the week and calm the vibe down when deadlines are approaching. Finally, for the grand finale of the "vibes" playlist, another great has to be Moby with "Porcelain" featured in the movie, The Beach. It was Moby's sixth single of his commercial breakthrough album, dubbed an electronic ballad, based off the romantical break-up nature of the lyrics. This "vibes" playlist would be nothing without a spot of Moby! Keep updated with our store jams via the pam pam Spotify account. Follow @pampamlondon playlists on Spotify!