Vans have been well ahead of most in so many fields. One particular is their Customs program that started with the brand in the late 60s. The program allowed you to bring in your favourite material and Vans would send it away to be made into your very own shoe! This idea was a new dawn for Vans as they realised patterns were what the people wanted! This continued to catch when Steve Van Doren saw kids using marker pens to create patterns on their plimsolls. Sure enough, the program blossomed and, in true Vans style, a custom pair of shoes were extremely affordable. As Customs grew and developed, Vans were printing rubber 'Sidewalls' in the 70s, adding a whole new level of radness to their already epic offering. These 'Sidewalls' came in so many iterations - sports scenes, iconography, cool wording, etc. Vans Anaheim decided to bring these walls back once more for their spring collection. Using the OG colourways of the Anaheim Factory, the first Authentic is in OG White and sports a ski scene Sidewall. Figures can be seen skiing the alps over the slogan - ‘I’d rather be skiing.’ Another Authentic is dressed in OG Yellow and displays a surf scene. The final Authentic is in an OG Blue with a cute rainbow motif. These super fun, super rad Sidewalls are a brilliant part of Vans history and definitely worth owning!

To celebrate this release, we have created a retro infomercial to showcase these beauties. Shot by Rory Wood (@rawtape) and featuring Vans expert Henry Davies (@pillowheat), the commercial gives a brief overview of the history of the Sidewall alongside vintage model examples. Check out the new range online and in store from the 24th of April.

BUYER NOTE - Those who purchase a pair of the Sidewall Vans will receive a free lanyard with the Ski or Surf Sidewall scene! While stocks last. :-)

Video: Rory Wood - @rawtape

Featuring: Henry Davies - @pillowheat