Ok, you’ve got your loved one alone. You want it to be special - perhaps candles? Moody lighting? A bath and a light meal? All that sounds like a ‘90s boy band dream scenario. But speaking of tunes, what are you going to play? Scholars know that music can be a catalyst for positive change and, well, we know what kind of positive venture both parties are potentially wanting, surrounded by said candles and dimmed lights. Something groovy, but not too distracting. Something suggestive, but not TOO suggestive (in other words, no Lil Kim). Something that lets them know what you’re thinking and feeling as you’re both boarding the pleasure train express. Relax, pam pam has made you a mixtape for this very occasion - Take Me Home. From some of the most sultry crooners in the business, the list is an ode to sensuality. We know, we know - just thank us later :-) Follow @pampamlondon playlists on Spotify!