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This week we take a look at an exceptional artist of our generation. Known for her experimentation, imagination and style, it's easy to say Björk is one of a kind. A career spanning over four decades, the Icelandic singer started a punk band in her teens, then a jazz fusion band and then multiple other groups before finishing her career as a band member with The Sugarcubes in 1992. Björk kicked off her solo career in 1993 with her first album, Debut, which enjoyed great mainstream success.The album incorporated a number of genres including electronic, pop, jazz and trip-hop making her style hard to pin by music critics. What was definitely clear though was her pure creative force, and what further helped cement this fact were her incredible music videos that came hand in hand with her tracks. Mystical, surreal, in-depth pieces are ways to describe most of Björk's videos, thanks to the sets, costumes and art direction. But the clip we have chosen showcases Björk totally raw - Big Time Sensuality. Stéphane Sednaoui, was contacted to work on the project. A well known director, Björk reached out to him after seeing the photographs he had taken of Kurt Cobain smiling and having fun. Sednaoui, a fan of Björk's sound, initially wanted to shoot the video in Iceland, but the costs and logistics soon cancelled that idea. Instead, whilst taking a cab ride through New York city, he got direct inspiration from the city itself. The people, the buildings plus Björk's vibe matched Sednaoui's love for something simple with a rough, gutsy approach. The result was the singer on the back of a flatbed truck giving her all to camera. The crew blasted out the song on loudspeakers as the truck did laps around the city. Of the day, both Björk and Sednaoui have commented on how fun it was - particularly watching the folk of New York get involved. Many danced and many more asked to be a part of the film. The end result is an ode to Björk's incredible performance ability. Her entire body, not just her voice, is the instrument of this song. Through her movements and expressions she conveys the meaning of the track which is inspired by her relationships with her friends. You can't help but hang on every frame, watching her every nuance. Plus her style is SO synonymous with the times - the dress, the fluffy jumper, the sneakers and the hair. She is absolutely joyful to watch! The video got mass amounts of play time and soon the clip was even more remembered than the track itself. We love going back to this video and seeing Björk in her element. She has mentioned previously how much she loves her job and it is extremely evident in this video.