Welcome back to rewind! where we share our favourite music videos to pass time to.

This week, we are covering a dynamic duo that dominated the charts and airwaves in 2002. A one time only partnership, Nelly and Kelly Rowland gave us an R&B classic that had us shoulder shrugging to the beat and singing every word because we listened to it THAT many times. Dilemma is a song about a woman who is facing a crisis - she is in a relationship with a child, but has eyes for someone else. The music video plays out this story via a very wholesome 'Girl Next Door' scenario.

Kelly Rowland and her mother, none other than the wonderful Patti LaBelle, are the newest residents of Nellyville. As they are unpacking their removal van, Nelly spots the newcomers from his home across the road and offers to help. It is immediate chemistry! What plays out from there are the two shooting each other sweet looks over the top of Kelly's man who isn't quite up to scratch himself. Toward the end of the video, the viewers are blessed with seeing the two together, dancing in the middle of the road, all wishing they could just be with each other.

The song was the third track released from Nelly's second studio album, Nellyville, and the lead single from Kelly's first solo album, Simply Deep. The song features a sample of Patti LaBelle's 80's hit, Love, Need and Want You. When Nelly put the song together, he knew immediately that he wanted Kelly to partner him. Dilemma hit the number one spot on the charts, bumping Nelly's previous hit 'Hot In Herre' from top place and keeping Timberlake's first solo effort, Like I Love You, from hitting number one. This soothing ballad to bump to was just the thing everyone needed, cementing Kelly as a soloist and confirming Nelly as the top artist of the time! We hope you enjoy watching and reminiscing. Also be sure to keep an eye out for the big gaff that had everyone abuzz online, needing to confront both Nelly and Kelly about why it went down. We're talking about the 'Excel spreadsheet' texting scenario...