Hello and welcome back to rewind! where we share our fave music videos to pass time to!

Female pop group, Red Velvet, have been a force ever since their debut in 2014. The quintet is made up of singers and rappers Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri. In 2015 they released their first full length album, The Red, to solid praise around the world.The title track, Dumb Dumb, is an infectious pop bop that sees the girls sing and dance about acting awkward and essentially being struck dumb when they meet the person of their affections. The MV takes place in a doll factory where the five members act as both the production team and the produced. Many fans alluded this play on the K-Pop idol industry, being products of mass production. However, by the end of the clip, you get the idea that these women are uniquely their own and make a solid, hardworking and cohesive group that shine. The outfits, colour palette and overall charm of the video nabbed them 9th place on Rolling Stones’s Best Videos Of 2015 list in amongst artists like Missy Elliot and Justin Bieber. Not bad at all for a new group!! The visuals are stunning and watching the girls wreak havoc in the factory is too much fun!

We hope you enjoy our pick for this week!