Welcome back to rewind! where we share our favourite music videos to pass time to.

In the early ‘80s, megastar Prince was tearing up the airwaves and MTV with his explosive do-what-I-want attitude. Thanks to Prince, artists that wanted to be individuals had more of a blueprint and albums gained ‘explicit lyrics’ labels. Wanting to expand his musical empire, Prince created a girl group trio that would create and express music in a similar way to him - just the female version. At first, his thoughts were to name the group ‘The Hookers’ and have Susan Moonsie, his then girlfriend as the lead alongside Brenda Barrett, his wardrobe assistant and Jamie Shoop who was an employee and keen to learn the music business. All this changed when Prince met the beautiful Denise Matthews. The two soon became romantically involved and Shoop bowed out of the group set-up. Denise replaced Susan as the lead and Prince renamed her Vanity. {Fun fact - he initially wanted to name her Vagina (pronounced Vageena) but Denise said no.} Vanity was given the name because Prince felt he was looking into a mirror when looking at Vanity.

Prince’s vision was for the girls to dress in lingerie and sing sexually charged songs, which is exactly what happened.Their biggest hit, Nasty Girl, talks about meeting a guy and that meeting advancing to having sex. The music video showcases the girls in cocktail dresses and grooving in sync as Vanity sings out the tale. As the song progresses, there is a quick change cut where the women reappear in their iconic lingerie sets and continue the tune. The set looks like some kind of chic department store changeroom area, or nightclub bathroom area. Either or, the dark, sensual vibes match the women and the music perfectly. Simple but effective, Vanity 6 made waves and headlines for their look and sound even as they were banned from many radio and TV stations for the too-provocative appearance. However, thanks to them, the likes of Madonna, Lil’ Kim and other female artists had a way paved out for them in terms of boundary pushing. Prince’s Vanity 6 didn’t last too long, but they made waves in the short time they existed! We hope you enjoy this week’s music video choice :-)