Welcome back to rewind! where we share our fave music videos to kill some time to :)

This week's slot is dedicated to the one and only, Aaliyah. From a young age, Aaliyah Dana Houghton knew where she was headed. She opened a Las Vegas show for her aunt, Gladys Knight, at age 11 and released her first album at 14. She had two films in the can and had started to film her role in the Matrix sequels. Her third album had been released and she was busy making music videos for the new tracks. Everything was looking so good and it still hurts to think how we lost her so soon. But, we are very grateful for the legacy and the work she left. Brilliant work that still influences many to this very day. One such piece of work is the Try Again track and music video. Made for the movie, Romeo Must Die, in which she had a starring role, Try Again is a sultry groove that tells her admirer that if at first they don't succeed in asking her out, to dust themselves off and try again. The video fuses her effortlessly cool dance style with martial arts moves - an inspiration from the movie and Jet Li's role. The two can be seen in mirrored rooms with Li coaching and supporting Aaliyah through various positions. These breaks in between the excellent choreo is fresh to watch and adds a nice link to the film. We particularly love Aaliyah's look! There was something undeniable about Aaliyah's ability to present herself as sexy, strong and down to earth all at the same time. Plus, the way she danced was just so fluid and elemental that it made viewers envious and enthralled. One thing to note also is Aaliyah’s lyrics do not mention gender making this piece accessible and relatable to all. Such a nice thing at a time when love anthems were directed at ‘him’ or ‘her’. This music video won two MTV awards and the song was nominated for a Grammy. It was also the first song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 purely thanks to airplay alone. Aaliyah was definitely one of a kind and we absolutely would have dusted ourselves off hundred times. Let us know how you feel about the video on IG!