The sound of every car journey I had as a kid. I can remember being sat in my chair on the back seat trying to sing along every morning before being dropped off to my Nans. Its the sound of nostalgia, Robyn, With Every Heartbeat. Probably the sound coming out of every club for those old enough to party. I only wish I was there in the 90s when music was changing, becoming more experimental and thought out. Not to say that other decades don't have there moments, it just seems like a lot of big changes happened to pop music in the 90s.

Swedish songwriter and producer Robyn has been putting out hits since the mid 90’s. With hits like “With Every Heartbeat” and one of my total favs “Dancing On My Own.”

The good news is that she's got new music coming out and its caked in that nostalgic sound of the 90’s infused with modern production tricks and the glittery gloss of pop. This is great news for all those who missed the boat the first time!

Her new album called “Honey” came out this month. The Singles “Honey” and “Missing U” are just brilliant, with a hugely positive reception and constant radio plays. It's not all four to the floor though, theirs some more mellow tracks like "human being" and "Baby Forgive Me" which offer a huge contrast to some other other tracks on the album. If you haven’t checked out the album - DO IT NOW 🙂 We think you’ll be happy you did.