It's time to rewind! Welcome back to our weekly segment where we pick our music video of the week!

This week's slot goes to a female super group that taught us to be independent women, survivors and Bootylicious. Girl's Tyme formed in 1990 but sadly didn't quite hit it big. Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, La Tavia Roberson and Le Toya Luckett found their footing in 1997 when they signed to Columbia Records, becoming Destiny's Child. We all know what happened from there - an ok debut album, line up changes, a banging second album, more line up changes, more hit albums, brilliant 'group' outfits and, well, basically chart domination.

This week we are looking at the third single, Say My Name, from the group's game changing second album, Writing's On The Wall. The video showcases Beyonce, Kelly and the two newcomers to the group, Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin. As we all know, the song is a challenge to their partners who they suspect of cheating on them. Unable to say their name on the phone, the lyrics are the women calling out their other half. Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle and Farah deliver these lines from their individual lounge room sets that are fully colourblocked. Beyonce in orange, Kelly in blue, Michelle in white and Farrah in red. They are joined by their 'girlfriend's' who are there for moral support, and a male who is on the receiving end of the lyrics and women. The cast all move on the beat, kind of like the children's game 'musical statues', taking up new positions as Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle and Farrah mainly direct to the camera. These sharp movements lend strength to the drama of the track, making you feel that these women mean business. Eventually, the women leave their respective sets and make their way to a garage setting where they are dressed in complementing PVC outfits. Here, a dance break takes place with the men and the women from the clip making up the dancers.

We love this clip because Destiny's Child are still a little green in a good way. It must be remembered that this was at a time when we were still learning who these incredible women were. You can clearly see them hitting their marks with all they had in the clip. Of course, Farrah and Michelle were coming in SUPER green since the line up change had only just happened.

Although they appear in the video, their voices are not actually on the track. In terms or style, the outfits were very much of the 2000s - who didn't want a bandana crop top like Farrah's? As for design, the idea of the colour blocking for each was a neat way of introducing and showcasing the women individually.

Released in 2000, the track is the best selling song from the album, winning multiple awards and Song Of The Year according to Billboard. Sadly, Farrah left the group after five months, leaving Destiny's Child as the trio we all know. We hope you enjoy this throwback! Let us know which colour set is your fave!