This week, we bring you the sweetest comedy. Get ready to rally behind the most rag-tag university sumo wrestling team in, Shiko Funjatta (Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t)

“Do something without expecting any reward.”

- Miramax

In a time when the younger generation are more concerned with western sports and activities - baseball, basketball, scuba diving etc - Professor Tokichi Anayama (Akira Emoto)does his bit to bring back a bit of tradition. He sets his sights on student, Shuhei Yamamoto (Masahiro Motoki) and blackmails him into joining the non-existent university sumo wrestling team. If Shuhei joins and competes, he graduates on time. With nowhere to move, Shuhei complies and begins the search for the final members of his team with the help of past student, Aoki Tomio (Naoto Takenaka).A big lover of the art of sumo, Aoki is beyond helpless at the sport, but his determination unites the misfit team that eventually includes Shuhei’s skinny brother, Haruo Yamamoto (Masaaki Takurai), loner bookworm, Hosaku Tanaka (Hiromasa Taguchi) and American pro wrestler George Smiley (Robert Hoffman). The comedy is on point, the sincerity is through the roof and the payoff is just beautiful. You’ll see why this film won a slew of awards.

This feel-good movie will make your weekend whole :-)