This medieval comedy classic is a true family favourite. After this movie was released back in 2001, it’s star lead, Heath Ledger exploded on the scene with movies like Brokeback Mountain and Monster Ball. This week we’re taking it back to the start with baby Heath in the mega iconic, A Knight's Tale!

“Savvy without being smug, cute without being saccharin, and funny without slipping into over-the-top goofiness, this is a 14th-century good time.”

- The Washington Post

As the crowds chant the lyrics from Queen’s “We Will Rock You” you might get a little confused to what sort of movie you’re watching. Is it a musical? comedy? Or sports film? The answer is all the above. Director, Brian Helgeland manages to bring together an all-star cast whilst combining a multitude of genres.

Heath plays a 14th-century peasant named William Thatcher, who turns into a Knight through the submission of his teammates to partake in jousting games. After falling in (quite literally) to a bad start, William takes charge and improves with every game, eventually catching the eye of love interest, Jocelyn (Shannyn Sossamon). The watchful eyes of beautiful Jocelyn then spark a feud with Count Adhemar (Rufus Sewel), Williams jousting rival! The two handsome men battle it out in a final last game to win over sweet Jocelyn’ love.

This adventure tale is vibrant and adoring, full of comical moments and rock songs that’s all-round delightful to watch. This household fave is available to watch on Google Play for £2.49! **Prices true at time of post**