The power of motherly instinct is quite something. Whether the children are hers or not, what comfort a woman can provide to someone lost is unquantifiable. But what happens when the mother needs to seek comfort also? This weekend's watch is an ode to the power of motherly love - All About My Mother.

Part of every woman is a mother/actress/saint/sinner. And part of every man is a woman.


Manuela (Cecilia Roth) is a single mother and an organ transplant coordinator at a hospital in Madrid. Her son, Esteban (Eloy Azorin), is an aspiring writer who has been curious about his father all his life but becomes particularly so when needing to complete an assignment about his mother for school. Manuela has kept the truth and the past from him. It is only when an horrific incident leads Manuela to face the past that her son sought to find. She leaves for Barcelona, the city she initially left when she was 17 and pregnant. Her mission is to find Esteban’s father, now a transvestite named Lola (Toni Canto) who has no knowledge of a son. It is Lola who unknowingly brings Manuela together with a cast of women who all need a motherly figure in their lives. Her old friend, Argado (Antonia San Juan) a trans gender prostitute, Herma Rosa (Penelope Cruz) a pregnant nun experiencing complications and Huma Rojo (Marisa Paredes) an actress dating her younger co-star, Nina who is a closet drug addict. Through all the trials and tribulations, will Manuela come to terms with her past and create a new future?

Note, this heartfelt drama-comedy is packed FULL of emotion thanks to an onslaught of events that will have you reaching for the tissue box or laughing out loud at any given moment. All About My Mother won a slew of awards including Best Foreign Language Picture at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes and BAFTAs. Director and writer, Pedro Almodovar presents a vibrant and brilliant cast acting out a story that reminds you to take stock of what is precious in life.

All About My Mother can be rented for £2.49 on Amazon Prime. (**Prices and availability correct at the time of post.)