This weekend’s watch takes a sombre tone. A movie that highlights what desperation and addiction can do, it makes you appreciate what you’ve got and who loves you. Drink something warm and settle into Candy.

‘More Is Never Enough’- Renaissance Films


Dan (Heath Ledger) is a poet that lives a bohemian lifestyle. No permanent ties, living day to day, he meets and falls in love with art student, Candy (Abbie Cornish). The two of them begin a romance that is worthy of a Romeo & Juliet status. Candy starts to absorb Dan’s carefree ways, including his heroin addiction. What opens up before them is a pathway to chaos and oblivion, where their dependency mixes with their love with their needs. Their destruction is aided by Dan’s eccentric professor friend, Casper (Geoffery Rush), who is also a user. Lying, cheating and stealing become the norm as the couple strive to get by. Based on the novel written by Neil Armfield, the movie is broken into three chapters - Heaven, Earth and Hell. Each chapter describes the process of their relationship with both each other and substance abuse. Will they come clean? Will their love continue? Who will support them? Watch to find out.