After debating all week on whether it should be either Charlie’s Angels or Charlie’s Angels” Full Throttle for this week’s weekend watch, we’ve decided to go all out and have a Charlie's Angels movie marathon! Introducing the greatest action movie sequels and of course the amazing Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymoore and Lucy Liu, here’s your Weekend Watch Double Up!

"Light and fluffy" - The Guardian


Following the success of the Charlie’s Angels television series back in 1976, a new set of angels were brought on the big screen in 2000 and soon became our favourite ass-kicking girl squad! Although most movie remakes take on the same fundamentals of its original, Charlie’s Angels took on a different approach. Set in the time it was made, the 2000’s Charlie’s Angel sequals were full of 00’s gadgets, tricks and even more importantly humour. Whilst adding a more comical spin to the more serious original, the Charlie’s Angel franchise was everything you wanted in an action movie.

With the success of the first movie, released in 2000, Cameron, Drew and Lucy were brought in for a second round. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle was even more action-packed and offered a seriously bumped up cast including Bernie Mac, Demi Moore, John Cleese , Justin Theroux and Shia LeBouf! The storyline focused on a new task set, once again, by boss, Charlie (Voice of John Forsythe), which was to track down two rings containing classified witness protection information! The film follows the girls sashaying through all the bad guys, whilst managing personal life challenges in new relationships and even old ones.

You can rent Charlie’s Angels (2000) on Google Play or YouTube for £7.99, and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) on Netflix with a membership (**prices correct at time of post!)