This week, we have been in search of inspiration. You know, one of those motivational and wonderful stories that sparks a little something inside. One of our faves is the story of how one of the biggest fashion houses in the world came to be. An incredible rags-to-riches story that promotes the power of the individual thinker. Dress your best for this weekend's watch, Coco Avant Chanel.

Before she was France's famous mademoiselle...


After losing their mother at a young age, Gabrielle Chanel (Audrey Tautou) and her sister Adrienne (Marie Gillain) were abandoned by their father to an orphanage. Growing up together, the two eventually left and found work in a provincial bar as seamstresses by day and cabaret singers by night. Adrienne was the idealistic type who wanted a husband that took care of her and children she could raise. Gabrielle however had stronger views about social expectations of a woman which didn't match her wants. To Gabrielle, marriage wasn't important, but living an unconstricted and free life was. Living by her principles, Gabrielle fascinated those around her. Adopting her nickname 'Coco', she set out for Paris hoping to find prosperity in the famous Alcazar. Along the way, she befriends a wealthy stable owner, Étienne Balsan (Benoît Poelvoorde), who introduces her to the wealthy upper echelon. Along the way she meets and impresses more people who are intrigued by her simple style and way of life, not to mention her beautifully made hats. One person she meets, English businessman Arthur Capel, (Alessandro Nivola), sets to upend her morales on love and marriage which spurs her life to unfold down a different path than she expected.

This story is SO beautifully told by the incredible cast, direction and script. Audrey Tautou is absolutely divine as Coco and the supporting players are no less brilliant. The style this film exudes draws you in and keeps you throughout. Whether you're a fan of the brand or not, the story of how it came to be is wonderful. We hope you enjoy!

Coco Avant Chanel can be rented on Amazon Prime for £3.49 (**Price and availability correct at time of post)