Welcome back to weekend watch! This week, we are looking at a band bio movie that is, well, a work of art. Whether you know them or not, Joy Division's rapid rise and the life of the enigmatic lead singer were entirely too short. Get to know this incredible band this weekend - Control.

Ian Curtis (Sam Riley) is a young teen, born and bred in Trafford, England. He reads poetry, listens to music and enjoys quiet. He meets Debbie Woodruff (Samantha Morton) and the two marry at ages 19 and 18. Debbie appears more balanced and ready for married life, Ian appears more unbalanced and uncertain. The two attend a Sex Pistols concert where Ian meets three childhood friends Bernard Sumner (James Anthony Pearson), Peter Hook (Joe Anderson) and Terry Mason (Andrew Sheridan). The trio of friends tell Ian they are planning on starting a band and Ian submits himself as the lead singer and lyricist. They call themselves Warsaw, but due to conflict with another London band, they shortly thereafter change their name to Joy Division. As the band works on touring and albums, Ian has a seizure and is diagnosed with epilepsy. He is given medication that doesn't work but makes him drowsy and moody. With his condition worsening, Ian starts to lose control of his love life, band life and life in general. He begins an affair with a Belgian journalist, Annik Honore (Alexandra Maria Lara) which adds more pressure and anxiety to his already chaotic inner existence. Ian ultimately feels there is only one choice for him...

This incredible biopic was written and co-produced by Debbie Curtis, Ian's ex-wife. The actors involved all play their parts beautifully and with absolute commitment. For example, the actors who play the band members all learned to play Joy Division's songs for real. Incredible! Shot in black and white, the film leaves you with a profound sadness for what could have been an exceptional long career. We hope you enjoy!

Control is available to Amazon Prime members for free and can be rented from Google Play for £2.49 and Apple Music for £3.49. (**Prices and availability correct at time of post!)