And we’ve kicked off the new school year! We are sure a lot of people reading this remember high school as a distant, fuzzy memory at the back of the mind. The smell of your backpack that had a banana in it for way too long, your notebooks that were dog-eared and doodled on, and random notes your friends penned you in biology class. To celebrate those that had to return to the halls, we have picked a dark and moody movie that illustrates a gritty school life made right by an ex-marine. Just to give you some feels. School is now in session - Dangerous Minds.

“She Broke The Rules... And Changed Their Lives." - Hollywood Pictures


It’s 1995 and school is rough. Nothing seems possible or worth it. That’s certainly the feeling of the students at a city high school. Enter LouAnne Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer) an ex-marine that applies for a teaching job and is surprised to immediately secure a position. Beginning the next day, LouAnne is faced with sullen and unmotivated teens who know nothing more than lives full of violence, racism, near-poverty and drugs. Seeing how monumental her task is to turn their lives around, Johnson works hard on exercises and activities to help motivate the kids to work toward a better life. During her time, certain students stand out to her that need her help the most. Every time Johnson feels like she is on a win, something sadly spoils the run and she has to dig deeper to reach the students. Jerry Bruckheimer films are normally noted for explosions, guns and action, but this highschool tale tells a different and important story of motivation and believing in yourself. Also, with an iconic title track by Coolio, how could this movie not be a win?

**Dangerous Minds can be rented on Amazon Prime for £3.49 (prices correct at time of post!)