Technology. Isn't it mental? We are still amazed by fax machines let alone the world wide web. In the not too distant future, humans might coexist next to cyborgs. Won't that be fun? This weekend's watch takes a look at that future - Ghost In The Shell.

People love machines in 2029 A.D.


New Port City Japan, 2029. Cybernetic technology is commonplace and humans can have parts of themselves replaced with cybernetic parts. The internet is intrinsic to living which has led to a rise in cyber crimes. Furthermore, humans have the ability to connect directly to the internet and other networks via their brains thanks to the advancement of cyberbrains. This means, human's can be hacked by others to do their bidding, adding a terrifying layer to cyber crimes. To counter this, the city department created Public Security Section 9 to take charge of and see out hackers and criminals. One of the section's agents, Major Kusunagi Motoko (Atsuko Tanaka), is a cyborg that is tasked with hunting down the latest threat named The Puppet Master, a competent ghost hacker of cyborgs. As the Major and her team investigate The Puppet Master, the story winds down roads of existential themes and corruption beyond what they thought.

Rated one of the best anime films of all time, Ghost In The Shell is based on the anime of the same name written by Oshii Mamoru. This piece has been the inspiration for films such as the Matrix, Avatar and and A.I Artificial Intelligence. A sleek and visual thriller, we hope you enjoy this incredible film!

Ghost In The Shell is available to rent on Amazon Prime for £3.49. (**Price and availability correct at time of post)