After a year and a bit of having to live an entirely virtual existence, this weekend's watch themes hit home a little extra. What if you found your perfect match online in the form of A.I? Would you be content? Find out the answer with this weekend’s watch: Her.

A Spike Jonze love story.


Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) is a lonely, depressed and introverted man who works for a company that writes personal letters on behalf of those that are unable. He is in the final stages of divorcing his childhood love Catherine (Rooney Mara) but is unable to sign the paperwork and let go of what they had. The mix of divorce and the inability to escape the memories and emotions of his past leads Theodore to retract further into a closed of existence where he plays video games and speaks occasionally with his friend and neighbour Amy (Amy Adams). One day, Theodore sees an advert for a brand new state of the art operating system that includes an A.I assistant feature and decides to purchase it. As he sets up, he is connected with his new assistant, whom he names Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), and the two begin bonding which brings Theodore both joy and confusion. His feelings for Samantha start to grow in a romantic way and he hesitantly confides in his friend, Amy, as his own confusion starts to grow. Can he date an A.I? Will Theodore throw out convention and pursue happiness? Will he be fulfilled? Watch to find out!

Her is an incredibly well written and produced movie by the excellent Spike Jonze. To have so many brilliant female leads is, first of all, excellent and Joaquin is brilliant as the painfully broken Theodore. The costumes and design are a real treat to the eyes and paint this near-future world so realistically. The story itself evokes interesting emotions and thoughts on where we are all potentially headed in this techy-digital world.

Her can be rented on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play for £2.49 and Apple TV for £3.49 (**Prices and Availability correct at time of post!)