Sometimes Netflix comes through with a quality suggestion. It's rare but when it happens it makes you not regret that subscription fee. This week we are recommending you check out the 1992 hit Housesitter featuring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn.

She's turning his house into a home...Hers!


Newton Davis (Steve Martin) is an architect and is madly in love with his longtime girl Becky. He builds her a dream house and asks to marry him but she declines. Now Davis has this house he can't afford and is now without a girlfriend. The film then introduces Gwen (Goldie Hawn) who is struggling for money and is a natural liar who has a one night stand with Davis. Gwen remembers Davis talking about how he has a house he doesn't live in and can't afford. So she takes it upon herself to go and move in. We watch as the chaos ensues and the lies keep mounting up.

This film seems to have flown under the radar in recent times. Martin is in some classic movies and this should be added to the list. The whole film I thought Hawn looked familiar and after some research, I found out that its Kate Hudsons mum! Which makes the film just magical to watch.

It seems that the film is no longer on Netflix but you can still buy or rent it on amazon prime for £2.49.