Its been a mintue since our last weekend watch. With so much happening recently it's been hard to find time to share the things we love - excellent movies. Indecent Proposal is no exception. For some reason it's gone under our radar until now.

A husband. A wife. A Billionaire. A proposal - Paramount


Directed by Adrian Lyne and stars Robert RedfordDemi Moore, and Woody Harrelson.The film follows the story of a young married couple (Moore and Harrelson) struggling to keep up payments on land they wish to build a house on. In the middle of a recession they decide to head to Vegas to try and improve their situation. They end up meeting a billionaire (Redford) who offers the couple a million dollars to spend the night with Harrelson's wife. You will have to watch the film to find out if they take the money...!

This is such a good film, it really gets you questioning your morals. The cast is superb and the script really shows Harrelson's range as an actor. Also, it's worth noting, the fashion style in this film is great especially if you like casual nineties/late eighties looks. 

**Indecent Proposal can be rented on YouTube and Google Play for £2.49. Or watched on Netflix. (prices correct at the time of post!)