Coming of age. A time perhaps a lot of us have blocked out, or a time that is looked back on fondly for being reckless and somewhat carefree. Whichever the case, reminiscing is always fun and this weekend’s flick puts you in that mood. Relive your teen years with Looking For Alibrandi.

"Sometimes what you’re looking for is closer than you think."


Quippy dialogue, sassy attitude and a whole lot of uncertainty follow Josie Alibrandi (Pia Miranda) throughout her final year of high school. Growing up in an Italian family, Josie’s headstrong nature creates difficult relationships with her strict grandmother, Katia Alibrandi (Elena Cotta) and her single mother Cristina Alibrandi (Greta Scacchi). Never knowing anything about her father, Michael Andretti (Anthony LaPaglia), thanks to her mother and grandmother keeping the details a secret, Josie has never known that side of her until he one day shows up out of the blue. The reception she receives isn’t the one she, or even he, ever expected. On top of this bombshell, she has to put up with being the poorer kid in a rich kid school and parry the attacks of the popular girl, Carly Bishop (Leeanna Walsman). What gets her through the dark days are her friends who know Josie inside out and her crush, John Barton (Matthew Newton) But even those pillars collapse when an unthinkable event completely shakes Josie’s world, sending her into a spin of grief and loss. She must find her way back to the light and is helped along the way by an unlikely companion. Will Josie find her happy ending? You must watch this heartfelt film to find out if Josie finds her joy :-)

**Boy can be rented online for £1.99 on Amazon Prime Video, or £2.49 on YouTube or Google Play (prices correct at time of post!!)