We have been hooked on the Olympics currently taking place in Tokyo, Japan. So badly we wish we were there - not just for the sports but also for a cool holiday! This got us thinking about one classic movie where a sweet friendship blossoms out of loneliness, language barriers and culture differences. Join Bob and Charlotte in Lost In Translation.

Everyone Wants To Be Found


Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is an ageing movie star that is past his prime. He still has enough credit and esteem to pull a $2 Million dollar job for a whiskey brand in Japan. Staying in a luxury hotel in Tokyo, Bob is still hounded by his wife Lydia who constantly contacts him for little things. Bob’s mediocre marriage and realisation of where his career is at puts him in a state of loneliness and loss. Eventually he runs into philosophy graduate Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) who is staying at the same fancy hotel with her husband, photographer John (Giovanni Ribisi). John has been called out to Tokyo on assignment but is soon called outside of Tokyo which leaves Charlotte alone and lost. The meeting between Bob and Charlotte turns into an unlikely companionship as the two lean on each other for support and try to answer each other’s questions of what their purpose in life is.

This beautiful poignant movie is super moving at the same time as incredibly relaxing. Even though deep questions are touched upon, the way in which it is filmed and the way the brilliant cast guide the story is just magical. Writer and director Sofia Coppola essentially gives us a session on mindfulness in a beautiful setting. We hope you enjoy!

Lost In Translation can be rented on YouTube, Google Play and Amazon Prime for £2.49 (**Prices and availability are correct at the time of post!)