Time to get cosy. Mrs Doubfire is a family favourite that’s seriously laugh out loud hilarious, and for some reason gets us in the mood for the winter season ahead!

“You'll laugh, you'll cry. Best divorce movie.”- Common Sense


The great and sadly, late, Robin Williams stars as the loving father of three and struggling voice actor, Daniel Hillard. The movie kicks off three young siblings, once part of a wholesome, loving family, now grappling with the recent divorce of their parents. The kids struggling to choose a side, end up spending more time with Mom (Sally Fields) and her new partner played by Pierce Brosnan, whilst Dad tackles newfound financial issues. Yearning to spend more time with his three kids, Daniel takes on the new role of Mrs Doubtfire, after hearing that his ex-wife is looking for a nanny to look after the kids. Complete with facial prosthetics, professionally installed by his hair and make-up buddies and a full-on “Nanny/Granny” wardrobe, Mrs Doubtfire steals the hearts of the children with her love and vibrant sense of humour.

Unaware that their Dad is actually beneath all the make-up and wigs, the children open up and share secrets to which Daniel slowly becomes accustomed to. Knowing that his secret won’t last forever, Daniel struggles to find an alternative to get close to his kids without Mrs Doubfire.

A real heartwarmer that shows off Robin Williams as the amazing comic he was, this movie is ideally watched with close family or friends, snuggled under cosy throws paired with a warm cup of cocoa! Rent Mrs Doubtfire now on Google Play for £3.49 (**prices correct at time of post!)