Welcome all to the very first instalment of, weekend watch :-) We love tv and movies. Just love ‘em, and felt a need to pass on some gems to you that have a special place in our hearts. Our aim is to share with you cinema that perhaps only a generous handful know about and, more likely, cinema treasures that have been long forgotten. But, we also love a classic and so be warned you will come across some cult favourites we feel need another viewing. All this will be delivered to you on a Friday, right in time for the weekend so you’re not left with the always difficult question, “what should I/we watch?” So, without further ado, we present to you our first pick, the wonderful, Mystic Pizza.

“A romantic comedy with the works” - MGM Studios

Quippy lines, brilliant employee t-shirts you want to copy and Julia Roberts’ sensational hair. Just a few reasons to get into this feel-good flick. A rom-com from 1988, this coming of age story follows three girls - the brainy, Kat Arújo (Annabeth Gish), the sexy, Daisy Arújo (Julia Roberts), and the raucous, Jojo Barbosa (Lili Taylor) through their summer after high school. Kat has big hopes and works hard to make cash for Yale, Daisy just wants a good time and a way out of the sleepy town of Mystic and Jojo wants to have sex with her boyfriend before they get married. Problem with all that is, Kat gets distracted, Daisy loses a chance and Jojo gets rejected. Working in a local Pizza joint, the girls have a motherly figure in the owner, Leona ( Conchata Ferrell), but that doesn’t stop them from making mistakes and learning hard truths. The film covers all the emosh points of self-discovery, real friendship/sisterhood and the painful lessons that come with being young in love, all with the best wardrobe and language the’80s can offer. Also, a worthy mention to Vincent D’Onofrio (Detective Goren to some, we’re sure) for a supporting role in a rom-com! Who would have thunk it? (^_^*)

A feel-good watch, this 104 minute movie will have you rooting for these girls to get things right!