Arguably one of the best crime dramas ever made, with one of the best actors of our time at the helm. Get serious with this weekend watch pick: Primal Fear.

"Sooner or later a man who wears two faces forgets which one is real.” - Paramount Pictures


Aaron Stampler (Edward Norton) is a homeless kid just convicted of the brutal murder of Archbishop Rushman. Enter hot shot criminal lawyer, Martin Vail (Richard Gere) who sees the high profile nature of Aaron’s case and fights to represent him. A true showman, Vail offers his services to Aaron pro bono, knowing that his win will skyrocket his reputation further.  

As Vail investigates, he finds this case has many more layers to it than first expected including one huge surprise that no one saw coming. Not usually one for caring for his clients, Vail believes Stampler’s innocence and pushes to get to the truth. One obstacle of Martin’s is an ex-love, Janet Venable (Laura Linney) who cannot believe his new sense of care. This movie will have you urging Aaron’s dismissal, falling slowly in love with Martin and guessing and guessing as the evidence unfolds. Notable mention to Edward Norton - this was his debut movie, can you believe it? He rightly won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor and was nominated for an Oscar. Others considered for the role of Aaron Stampler included Leonardo DiCaprio (turned it down), Wil Wheaton (turned it down to finish acting school - super regrets it now) and Matt Damon (just didn’t get it - probs too nice) A true, edge of your seat kinda flick!

Primal Fear can be rented on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video (£3.49) **Prices correct at time of post!