We’re kicking up the adrenaline this weekend with our watch suggestion. One of the best martial arts films out there, this one will make you wish you were a master of high jumps and spin kicks. Put on your comfiest pants and enjoy Jackie Chan’s, Project A.

A rip-roaring adventure on the old china coast…


It’s the late 19th century in Britain ruled Hong Kong and pirates are causing a problem on the high seas. Raids are out of control and the Hong Kong coast guard are having a hard time keeping a handle on things, thanks to corruption. One officer, Sergeant Dragon Ma (Jackie Chan), steps up to the plate (pirates) not willing to take the humiliation of being thwarted any longer. What ensues is a confused stolen riffle plot, redemption and a battle royal with some of the best martial arts and stunt scenes ever filmed. Along the way, there is plenty of comic relief to give you a breather between the high kicks!

For those that don’t know, Mr Chan has always done his own stunts - a lot of which resulted in near death experiences. Look out for the crazy clock tower scene and try your best not to cringe! With that said… enjoy!