Without getting super cheesy, Second Act is a lesson in self belief. It's about how life can ebb and flow and how none of us know when opportunity may strike. In a time when it seems most films have deep and dark meaning behind them, Second Act is a welcome relief. It really takes you back to that arguably golden age of rom-coms in the early 2000’s. And, we know a thing or two about rom-coms :-D

The only thing stopping you, is you.

- STX Films

Although one could say Second Act follows the classic rom-com formula to a degree, it definitely stands out as a flick that can be watched more than once. I mean, as we are writing this we admit we are on our third time with this film. We all know (and love) JLo as 'Jenny From The Block' or maybe from one of her many other blockbuster hits like Maid In Manhattan, the Wedding Planner or the Backup Plan, and that's why we just adore her. This film is consistent with JLo's success, and her performance is just great.

Maya Vargas (JLo), a middle-aged woman is stuck in a dead end job. She works hard but can't get anywhere. After missing out on a big promotion, her godson Dilly (Dalton Harrod) hacks her Facebook and fudges her CV to make her look highly educated with tonnes of amazing life experiences. She gets an interview at a top cosmetics firm and things spiral from there. Obviously, we can't give much away, but there are lots of totally unexpected twists and turns that you will love. Honourable mention to Leah Remini for always giving a 'lol' performance, and the hunky Milo Ventimiglia for, well, being hunky. Fun fact - Julia Roberts was initially cast for JLo's role, and as much as we love Jules, we are pretty stoked Jen got the gig. We hope you enjoy!

Second Act can be pre-ordered on iTunes and added to your Wish List of movies to watch on Google Play :-D