Make space in your ‘guilty pleasures’ list of movies because this film is sliding in. A rock-fueled, extravaganza that only the ‘80s can deliver, Streets Of Fire will get you rev’d up this weekend.

“A Rock and Roll Fable”

- Universal Pictures

Another Time, Another Place -a futuristic 1950’s where darkness prevails and gangs are rife - is where this epic tale of rock and love takes place. Ellen Aim (Diane Lane), lead singer of Ellen Aim and the Attackers, takes the stage to give an epic rock performance just as bike gang, The Bombers, ride into town. Before the performance ends, Bombers leader, Raven Shaddock (Willem Defoe), wants Ellen and his gang whisks her away off stage in a calculated kidnapping. This kicks off a rescue mission filled with violence, style and a killer soundtrack. Heading the mission is Ellen’s ex-boyfriend, Tom Cody (Michael Paré) (a major babe-town by the by) who isn’t thrilled at first, but after looking at old photos of him and his gal, he gets on with the job. Shout out to his right-hand, the badass McCoy (Amy Madigan), an ex-female soldier who is good with her fists. Sure, it wasn’t a box office success at the time, but one thing is for sure - many note how damn cool this movie is. Some even mentioned how much better it has gotten with age. So, dust of your bandana and get ready to rock with Streets Of Fire!

**Streets Of Fire can be rented on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video for £3.49 (price correct at time of post)**