"Pam Shortt's broken both her legs, and I wanna dance with you." One of the many excellent lines from this classic Australian flick. Learn the bogo pogo this weekend with our watch pick, Strictly Ballroom.

“A life lived in fear... ...is a life half lived”


Welcome to the competitive world of ballroom. A wild place with plenty of colour, hairspray and bitchy. Scott Hastings (Paul Mecurio) is a highly skilled, maverick ballroom dancer. Everyone - mainly his overbearing stage mum, Shirley Hastings (Pat Thomson) - is gunning for Scott and his long time dancer partner, Liz Holt (Gia Carides) to win the coveted top spot at the upcoming Pan Pacific Championships. Only problem is, Scott is getting a little bored with the conventional steps and wants to show the Ballroom Confederation his new moves. This want forces Liz to break off the partnership and look elsewhere at the worst possible time before the competition! Shirley goes into overdrive, auditioning new girls for Scott to dance with, none of which are quite up to scratch. Enter Fran (Tara Morice) a beginner at Scott’s parents ballroom school. Fran is a bit of an ugly duckling, not quite sharp and not quite coordinated but she has the courage and drive to ask Scott to partner with her. Scott reluctantly shows Fran a few steps and a sweet partnership starts to evolve, much to Scott’s mum’s distress. Will Fran be ready to dance at the championships? Will Scott risk it all to dance his own steps?

This laugh out loud comedy will make you feel so good at the end. You might even want to take up ballroom in your spare time!