During a time when witchcraft was enjoying a renaissance, this week’s flick will make you feel like getting a badass pack together, donning some seriously over-accessorised outfits and dabbling in some spells. Get your goth on with The Craft.

"Welcome to the witching hour.” - Columbia Pictures


The movie begins like any typical teen school drama - new student, new school. Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney) has just moved to LA with her father and stepmother. A troubled teen, Sarah attempts to befriend three girls who, unknown to her, are the social outcasts of the school for a very particular reason - they practice witchcraft. This tipoff comes from Chris (Skeet Ulrich) , the popular guy of the school with the douchebag friends. Initially the three girls, Nancy (Fairuza Balk), Bonnie (Neve Campbell) and Rochelle (Rachel True) reject Sarah. But after seeing her natural witching ability, they quickly invite her into their coven. The four together realise their newfound power and perform a potent spell that grants them their most desired wish. At first, all seems well and the girls are living on air. But soon Rachel comes to realise their wishes cause catastrophic consequences that turn the coven in on itself. Full of serious bitch fights, with highlights of happier times, The Craft is a thrilling chick flick. Fun facts - Angelina Jolie was intended to play a role. Also (Holly Marie Combs) was to play the role of Bonnie, but missed out. Ironically, she starred in the TV show, Charmed, which Robert Flemming, director of The Craft, called out as a direct rip off of his movie. Drama :-/

The Craft can be watch on Netflix for free, or alternatively can be rented on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video (£3.49) **Prices correct at the time of this post!