Action, drama and the unforgiving sea are what’s in store for this weekend. We figure, with the colder weather settling in, we might as well get the adrenalin pumping (and tears flowing). What better way than a viewing of The Guardian.

"Risk everything" - Touchstone Pictures


Ben Randall (Kevin Costner) is the best of the best in his field. A coast guard rescuer, he has countless successful rescues under his belt. Committed to his work, his personal life dissolves, including his marriage, Randall experiences the trauma of losing his crew which leads to a career switch up - teaching. Enter hotshot swim extraordinaire, Jake Fischer (Ashton Kutcher). Top of his class and accepted to all the best Ivy League colleges for his abilities, Jake decides to enlist at the U.S. Coast Guard training school. Not a team player and armed with an ego, Ben isn’t sure about the newcomer and so applies pressure to encourage the youngster to quit. Over time, Ben sees Jake’s determination to succeed and slowly but surely, the two build a friendship and understanding. This sets things for the final, dramatic scene of the movie which will have everyone in need of some Kleenex. Of course, the movie isn't just swimming school, there is a healthy dose of love interest and love loss thrown in for good measure. A Top Gun-esque movie, this action-packed flick will surely keep you warm over the cold weekend!

The Guardian can be rented on YouTube and Google Play for £2.49 (**prices correct at time of post!)