So, if you haven’t seen this movie - you’re off the team. Jokes. But seriously, we recently re-watched this gem and couldn’t believe how laugh-out-loud it still was after all this time. There were loads of, “Man, this movie is SO good,” moments. Disney made some absolutely cracking films in the day full of quippy lines, heart-tugging themes and believing oneself. All this and more is definitely found in our latest weekend watch feature, The Mighty Ducks.

He's never coached. They've never won. Together they'll learn everything about winning! - Walt Disney Pictures

Arrogant lawyer, Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez), is a bit of a pig. After celebrating a successful win, he gets drunk and subsequently busted for DUI. His punishment? Community service to the tune of 500 hours. Doing what exactly? Coaching the local, ‘District Five’, pee-wee hockey team, something Bombay is loathing to do. What ensues is an on-off battle between coach and team as everyone learns to get along, work together and win. The kids in this film are perfect, all weaving in their different background stories with humour and honesty that only children possess. The adorably baby-faced, Joshua Jackson, stars as Charlie Conway, who perhaps learns the most throughout the tale. Fun fact - Jake Gyllenhaal, unknown at the time, auditioned for the role but had to turn it down because his parents wouldn’t let him partake. A hard blow for sure! Anyway, this brilliant film is so worth the re-watch. Perfect for those wanting those warm, nostalgic feel this weekend!