A film that has stood the test of time. I classic tale of good vs. evil in the strangest setting. Basically a top gang leader in New York called Cyrus calls a midnight summit where all the gangs of New York have to gather together with a no violence pact. The heroes of the story are The Warriors, a street gang from Coney Island who attend this summit. Cryus wants to unite the gangs to distribute wealth and territory in a more democratic way. While Cryus is giving his speech The leader of a rival gang called the Rogues shoots Cyrus dead. The warriors are pinned for the murder and have to get back to Coney Island, while every gang in New York is trying to hunt them down.


Featuring James Remar, Dorsey Wright, David Harris and Deborah Van Valkenburgh. Strangely, the film the warriors wasn’t a hit when it came out. In fact, theatres didn’t have to show it because of its violence ratting, so they didn’t. Little did they know it would become an absolute cult classic.

**Worth a watch and available to rent on amazon prime and google play.