With potential staycations the order of the month. What film comes to mind better than this cult classic. The story of two unlikely friends and unemployed actors escaping the city and their own poverty for the British countryside. Withnail, played by Richard E. Grant comes from a wealthy family but for some reason he seems to have been cut off. Living in a large flat in Camden, London but in absolute poverty. His companion in squalor is Marwood, played by Paul McGann.

We've gone on holiday by mistake!


In an attempt to sober up and to escape the traps of routine drug indulgence and drinking they ask a relative of Withnail, uncle Monty (Richard Griffiths) for the keys to his countryside house. Situated just outside the Lake District town of Penrith, the cottage is cold and brings with it another set of issues for Withnail and Marwood to overcome.

The film was a disaster at the box office but since its release it has been rediscovered again and again and has achieved cult status. It's such a fun film to watch, knowing what the actors would go on to achieve and as a dark, gritty British film. It's one of those films that has plenty of quotes and memorable lines and in our opinion, well worth a watch.