Welcome back to rewind! where we share our fave music video pick of the week!

The '90s. It was a mega time. So many trends, so much brilliant music. We really were spoilt. When it came to music videos, some artists were really going all out, incorporating performance and art into the mix. One such performer was Prince, an absolute legend in the field. There are SO many amazing videos made by Prince that it's hard to pick just one to highlight, but we have chosen the very explicit, very funky Gett Off from his 13th album, Diamonds and Pearls.

Gett Off is an epic funk-pop track complete with a flute part that gets you movin' and groovin'. Prince delivered the track to nightclubs on his 33rd birthday on a now very collectible 12". The feedback was overwhelming leading the legend to release the track commercially.

If you're new to this song, then take this as a warning - these lyrics are raunchy. We mean, raunchy. Of course, with Prince involved, how could we expect anything to the contrary? He IS the reason for those little advisory stickers on the front of CDs warning buyers of lude content (thanks to his song 'Head' which, yes, means exactly that...) And with raunchy lyrics comes a bit of a raunchy clip, all done in epic '90s style. Prince's inspiration for the video was Caligula. The idea of how opulent, excessive and explicit the Emperor's life was was what intrigued Prince. The video starts off with his two dancers Diamond and Pearl (his female proteges at the time) arriving at his Paisley Park studio on the pretense of an 'audition'. Once they get past the guards in tight swimming trunks, the double doors open into a raucous party with Caligula-Prince at the centre. Lots of skin, lots of suggestive poses, lots of simulation - this is basically what goes on behind Prince's closed doors. Human body's painted gold and acting as statues and furniture, couples all over the place slowly grooving to the track and Prince's band, New Power Generation, cutting a rug. You can imagine this is what '90s private club parties might have looked and felt like. We hope you enjoy this throwback - be sure to let us know your thoughts on social!