We don't know about you, but we felt in the mood for a good spy flick this weekend. With so, so many good ones to choose from, we thought we would keep things as classic as possible and turn to one of the greatest special agents of all time. We are sure you're getting where we are going with this, but who to choose? Well, since we are '90s kids at heart and owned a Nintendo64... yep, you guessed it. We are going with GoldenEye this weekend.

You know the name. You know the number.


Russia 1986. The Soviet Union has been supplying chemical weapons technology to international terrorists. British intelligence have sent in their best agents to infiltrate the chemical plant in Arkhangelsk. On the case are agent 007 James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) alongside his closest comrade, agent 006 Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean). Just as they are finishing the job, they are caught by Colonel Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov (Gottfried John) who captures 006 and holds him at gunpoint, urging 007 to surrender. Alec however spurs Bond to finish the job despite the situation. Bond makes the decision to continue as planned and 006 is shot in the head by Ourumov. Making a spectacular escape, the outcome haunts 007 for years to come.

Nine years later, the weapons satellite, GoldenEye, has been breached and MI6 leader, M (Judi Dench) sends her best, 007, back to Russia to investigate. Still tender from his last mission there, nothing can prepare Bond for what he is up against this time around.

This is Pierce Brosnan's first go as the British agent and it is arguably his best. Just as interest was seemingly beginning to wane for the Bond franchise, GoldenEye delivered a modern, fast paced, high action film that got everyone drinking martinis again. Judi Dench as the dry and unforgiving M is a delight and Famke Janssen as the villainous Xenia Onatopp is perfection. There are also a number of excellent lines in the film that need hearing once more. We hope you enjoy this classic!

GoldenEye is available to rent from YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play for £3.49 (Prices and availability correct at time of post!)