You are an honest and kind person to a fault. You win 4 million dollars on lotto. You promised a stranger the day before you won that, if you won, you would split the win with them. Would you follow through? We contemplate our actions with this weekend's watch, It Could Happen To You

What would you do if you won four million dollars on lotto? Would you spend it wisely? Would you go nuts? And what if you promised a stranger you would split the win with them because you couldn't pay for your coffee? This are the questions on our mind this weekend thanks to - It Could Happen To You

A Cop. A Waitress. A Lottery Ticket.


Charlie Lang (Nicholas Cage) is an honest, hard working New York police officer who is content with his job, his city and his life. His wife, Muriel Lang (Rosie Perez) wants a little more - material possessions, riches and status. One of Charlie's roles in the marriage is to buy the lottery ticket (really Muriel's ticket). Unfortunately they always lose, much to Muriel's dismay. One day, after buying their ticket, Charlie stops in at a diner and is served coffee by Yvonne (Bridget Fonda) who recently became bankrupt thanks to her ex-husband maxing out her credit card. When Charlie realises he doesn't have money for a tip, he suddenly tells Yvonne that if he wins that evening's lotto draw, he will come back the next day and split the winnings with her. Sure enough, the powers align and Charlie and Muriel win 4 million bucks! But, true to his word, he tells Muriel that he has to give Yvonne the money, which sends Muriel crazy. The story of Charlie tipping a waitress $2 million hits the press and the two become stars overnight making Muriel even MORE wild. Will Charlie regret his decision? Will new wealth bring the Lang's and Yvonne happiness? Watch to find out!

This classic rom-com is gently guided by the very loveable Nicholas Cage and super sweet Bridget Fonda. The welcome pops and explosions along the way are brilliantly delivered by the sassy Rosie who we can't get enough of! Also, Nick Cage looks great in denim and a baseball cap... just sayin'. We hope you enjoy this weekend's flick!

It Could Be You can be rented on Amazon Prime for £3.49 (**Price and availability correct at time of post!!)