And so we made it. 2020 is almost done and a lot of people are ending the year with mixed emotions. Usually a time for wild celebration and jubilation, we are all entering 2021 with a bit of relief, a bit of caution and a whole lot of hope. While some may want to blast their favourite party tracks from the year gone to release tensions (some of our faves: Pussycat Dolls, ‘React’, Kylie Minogue, ‘Say Something’, NCT, ‘Birthday Song’, just to name a few) we thought there might be a group of people that may just want to release their emotions via some of the best ballads of all time. For those, we present to you our playlist, Crying. Packed full of some of your faves, maybe some that passed you by, perhaps some you always knew but never remembered the name of the song or the artist to be reunited. And so we urge you to grab the remote, hairbrush, bottle of wine (empty or not), a sneaker or anything that will make the perfect fake mic and clear your windpipes. Let it all go with these songs and literally sing in the new year brimming with emotion and Celine Dion. You’re welcome and Happy New Year.

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