The idea of being on a beach never felt more desperate. Let's imagine further to living on a secluded island with no one else apart from like minded travellers looking for a utopia. Perfect paradise? Would you do it? Check out the potential consequences on this weekend's watch, The Beach.



Young, American backpacker, Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio), wishes to get away from the familiar life he leads. He sets off to South East Asia and checks into a traveller's lodge in Bangkok. Whilst there he meets a mad Scotsmans, Daffy (Robert Carlyle) who rants about a secret paradise. Before killing himself, he leaves Richard a map of the island he was speaking of. Enthused by the prospect of a remote hideaway, Richard convinces himself and new French friends, Etienne (Guillaume Canet) and Francoise (Virginie Ledoyen) to join him. The trio set off and arrive at their new paradise, but soon discover they aren't the only inhabitants. A whole community of travellers led by Sal (Tilda Swinton) living in secret find the new castaways and interrogate them as to how they got there. Eventually letting them into the community, things seem beautiful. But soon, events take place that send Richard into a crazed tailspin and leaves him outcast from the group.

Adapted from the book of the same name by writer Alex Garland, this movie was Leo's first major feature after the smash hit, Titanic. Seemingly wanting to veer away from his good-boy Jack character, he does a great job alongside the incredible Tilda.

Available to rent online via YouTube, Amazon Prime and Google Play for £3.49, or part of Disney + subscription. (**Prices and availability correct at time of post)