Gossip /ˈɡɒsɪp/ noun - casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true. This definition could be a more clinical movie tagline for this week’s psychological thriller, Gossip.

"Ever hear a killer rumor?" - Warner Bros Roadshow Entertainment

So, have you ever started a rumor that backfired real bad? That’s exactly what happens to college students, Derrick Webb (James Marsden), Cathy Jones (Lena Headey) and Travis (Norman Reedus). Partaking in Professor Goodwin’s (Eric Bogosian), Communication Class, they decide to create a rumor for their finals project. Their fabrication relates to squeaky clean campus couple, Naomi Preston (Kate Hudson) and Beau Edson (Joshua Jackson), and regards their sex life. The seemingly innocent gossip soon spreads through the entire campus, much to the trios delight, but the rumor very quickly turns into something much, much more dangerous and horrifying.


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