Summer is coming and we are sure that everyone is as incredibly excited about it as we are! So, we decided it might be a great thing to name some of our most favourite holiday spots during the warmer months! (Of course we have loads more, so this was a super tough feat.)

1. We think it's fair to start off with somewhere that has a beach. Where better than Australia? They are lucky enough to have 10,000 beaches, which creates the minor issue of which one to visit first? Well, the good thing is that they are all exceptional, they all have great surf and they all have a fish and chip shop near by. Our particular favourite is on the north east coast of Queensland and goes by the name of Dickies. Named so after the steamboat, SS Dickie, which ran aground in 1893, this beach is the only recreational one in the world named after a ship wreak. The boat was used for social dances until a kerosene lamp ended those fun times. Since then, Dickies has been a go to spot for great surf and sunbathing. Absolutely worth a visit!

2. On the opposite side of the wax is desert country. There is something so super special about being out in the desert on a beautiful sunny day. You can actually hear the silence and the views are incredible. Our particular fave, and all round classic, is Joshua Tree in the Mojave Desert. Not only was it the inspiration for U2's fifth studio album (love 'em or hate 'em), it remains a draw card for those wanting to engage in a pure experience.

3. For those that love scenery AND a cultural experience then Naoshima in Japan is for you. Dubbed 'Art Island', Naoshima is home to a variety of works both known and unknown. Monet, Lee Ufan and James Turrell are just a few names that have been past, present and fixtures on the Island. The idea is to stay at Benesse House (pay the extra, it's completely worth the spoils) and to leisurely stroll about the island, taking in art at the fixed galleries as well as the open art on offer. The experience all round is simply incredible and can't quite be explained properly. It is a place that you just have to visit with a completely open being and just drink it all in.

4. To continue on peaceful vibes, Nuwara Eliya in central Sri Lanka is beautiful, whether you're a tea drinker or not. The city is the capital of tea production and sits up high at over 1.8m above sea level. Known for it's misty mountains, unbelievable views and cool climate, Nuwara Eliya still maintains some of its British history with colonial style hotels and houses.Check out some of the local tea factories and go on a delicious tea sipping tour. If you rather take it slow, then jump in a car and cruise the winding mountain roads, taking in all the incredible scenery. Sound off below if you have been to any of the above, or your favourite spots for the summer!