Earlier this year we discovered, Peep Publication. Peep is an annual magazine that shines the light on creative side-projects. Founded by four design students, Max, Ross, Sammie and Adam. Peep Publication was birthed from the disconnect between formal art school environments and the influence encouraged from a variety of design cultures.

"Peep lifts the lid on creative play outside of work." - Peep Publication

Founded in Amsterdam, the four boys have supported the sharing of creative side hustles with exceeding necessary funding for the project on Kickstarter. The launch of issue 2 was a huge success, with the likes of London-based illustrator, Joey Yu joining for the evening with a live illustration session! We met with the boys to find out a little bit more on how Peep Publication is doing, leading up to issue 3. Keep up to date with Peep Publication via their instagram and website 

What is Peep Publication?
Peep is a magazine about creative side projects. Without the pressures of work or study, side projects allow creativity to flourish in its purest, unconstrained sense. This is what Peep is interested in - lifting the lid on creative play outside work. Peep features side projects from established and emerging creatives, to unpick the intricacies of what makes creatives really tick - the projects that they devote their own, personal time too.  

Where did the idea for celebrating side projects come from?

In 2017, tired of the box-ticking criteria that art school education was relentlessly pounding us with, we each decided to take a year out away from London. While Sammie went to Munich, Ross, Max and I went to Amsterdam. Each of us did internships in these new, unfamiliar cities. It was in this new, stimulating environment that we started pushing ourselves - to use everything we were learning to begin a few little projects on the side. Somewhere along this process, we decided that this pro-play, anti-university approach was worth celebrating with something bigger. That bigger side project was Peep, a celebration of endeavours.

Did the birth of Peep Publication in a design capital like Amsterdam have an impact on the way you wanted Peep to be curated?

The great thing about the Netherlands and Germany are that they’re very design-centric - perhaps more so than the UK. With schools like Eindhoven Design Academy really changing and defining the face of design globally, it was a very exciting place to be launching a magazine which seeks to challenge creativity. This means that launching our magazine in Amsterdam was eye-opening and led to the content of our first magazine being very broad. During our time in the Netherlands and Germany we met creatives like Jason Page and Max Siedentopf, creatives who's disciplined are hard to define and who both featured in Peep Issue 1.

How do you see small publications like Peep surviving and thriving in a technology dominated environment?

There will always be a place in the world for print. People love tactility and in an age where digitisation is driving throwaway culture, print offers consumers an opportunity to pause and think, rather than just scroll past. This, I think, is even more true of creatives who almost fetishise print - try asking a graphic designer to throw away a lovely piece of print and I think you’d struggle. Having said this, Instagram has helped us strengthen our message to a far wider audience than we could ever have done with just print alone, but I think we’ve managed to use digital communication without damaging the tactile integrity of our magazine - which is a relief.

What other small independent magazines do you love right now?

We love BFR, which started in founder Barbara Frankie Ryan’s teenage bedroom many years ago. Still going strong, BFR is a collection of words, pictures and thoughts which still feel as honest as ever. It’s a curious volume full of personality that is emotionally transparent about personal subjects. Then, perhaps not so small anymore, but we love The Gourmand for its absolute obsession with its subject matter, food. The Gourmand focuses on every aspect of food within a culture in a beautifully crafted outpouring, the beauty of which highlights their love of the subject they cover. It’s a similar story with MacGuffin Magazine, which is a beautiful ode to a different everyday object in each issue. With this magazine, we like that they devote so much love and attention to the things we often overlook – in a similar way to how Peep refocusses our attention away from the world of work to the less familiar realm of side projects.  

What themes are you working on with Issue 3?

We aren’t starting to theme Peep yet as we’re still enjoying exploring side projects in their totality. However, we’re excited to diversify the magazine slightly during the next issue. We can’t give too much away yet, but we can say that Issue 3 will include coverage of an event…  

How do you see Peep Publication in the future?

Excitingly, we have no idea. We are consciously trying to avoid planning the future too much because we want to allow the playful nature of our magazine to flourish. However, we can reveal that Issue 3 will be launching in New York in early 2019. Beyond that, we’re excited to see what the future holds.